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Online (Cloud) backup and Carbonite

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Can anyone recommend a good cloud backup.  I have been using carbonite for about three years but found out to my surprise (and I guess it is my fault) if you delete a file from your computer the cloud backup will only hold the file for fourteen days!  The entire idea of having a cloud back up was so that I could delete files from my computer to free up space and keep the deleted photos in the cloud.

Fortunately,  I also back up to a 5Tb  Seagate backup plus drive (although their backup software is appalling bad) so I have not lost anything important. 

Can anyone recommend cloud storage that operates a proper archive system and an external backup drive that works well in a busy photojournalist environment where I can take several thousand raw files in a busy month.  

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But that is back up ... a replica of your working drive or that is my take on it and has been for years


I refer as archive the ability to store secure files I may, or may not, need in the future that is not every day working files. 


Have a look at the google drive, which I use for this function ... acts like an external drive on the desktop and provided you set up correctly my understanding is it retains all files.


Hope that helps 



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1 hour ago, Jill Morgan said:

I upload to Amazon Prime Photos.  Not only do I have storage, but free shipping, videos and music. Can't beat it.  And you can upload RAWs.



Yep me too - admittedly their user interface is horrible and it is not unusual for me to use bad language when trying to get it to do what I want (I have on earlier occasions ended up with 3 copies of some images and totally lost other ones) but its a huge amount of space with lots of nice extras with the shipping etc.

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