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Found 6 results

  1. I've just started to make use of the free Amazon Prime unlimited photo backup facility. Seems to be a no brainer if you already have an Amazon Prime account and more reliable than individual 2 - 4TB HDU storage solutions. I'd be interested to know what people think.
  2. Can anyone recommend a good cloud backup. I have been using carbonite for about three years but found out to my surprise (and I guess it is my fault) if you delete a file from your computer the cloud backup will only hold the file for fourteen days! The entire idea of having a cloud back up was so that I could delete files from my computer to free up space and keep the deleted photos in the cloud. Fortunately, I also back up to a 5Tb Seagate backup plus drive (although their backup software is appalling bad) so I have not lost anything important. Can anyone recommend cloud stor
  3. Hi all, I have decided that it is time to find an easy to use and affordable online storage/backup provider. Any ideas? Amazon's offering is not very price competitive IMHO and I'm not mad about Flickr's free offering. The other aspect is security. Once you put everything in the cloud how do you ensure that it is not illegally shared, either deliberately or through incompetence? Suggestions on a postcard please. MTIA. John
  4. It is recommended, and a good idea to make a backup file of your RAW photos on an external drive or site, so if anything happens to the originals, you can always retreat your backup file, I know this but rarely follow up on, Last week my house was robbed. Along with my photo gear, they stole my laptop which contained a good number of my photos from this past Winter. I say a good number because I don't have a copy of all my images backup anywhere. My photo gear will be replaced, but some of my photos are gone forever.
  5. This is just a service I think Alamy could offer us, photographers. Since we are uploading images to be sold, we could also upload the RAW files that would be than backed up in Alamy databases. Just a simple sugestion. I hope it makes sense for you.
  6. I know this question was asked in the old forum but didn't have a chance to print it. So any advice or suggestion will be very much appreciated. I am migrating from PC to Mac (when my order is actually delivered on Monday). Can anyone recommend 3rd party backup softwares/strategies for Mac? I will need to backup the HD of Mac (perhaps on a daily basis with incremental changes) as well as the contents of external HDs (mostly images). Thanks in advance. Sung
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