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Using a Photo Light Box

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I bought myself a photo box this week for two reasons. One for pics for Alamy, and another for product pics for my website of equestrian and dog equipment.


It's a lovely box and came with 2 15 watt blue bulbs.  I would like a third light that hangs over the box to complete the lighting effect.


Since I would simply be using something I have around the house - I am cheap - what's the best bulb to use wattage wise. Should I match the 15 or should ib be a bit higher?


And should it be shaded or bare?


Pics I took look too flat and need more pop, so I am hoping the third light will help.

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You need to find a bulb that burns at the same color temperature as the other two bulbs you have.


The bulb wattage doesn't really matter - too bright, then either stop your camera down or move the light source further away.  Too dark, then open up your aperture or move the bulb closer.

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I guess I'll have to splurge on a new light. No point in getting the box if the pics aren't perfect. Thanks for the advice.



Lights (lamps) are inexpensive.  You don't need to buy a lamp from a photographer store to light a light box.  Not sure what part of the world you live in Jill but here in the U.S., Home Depot and Lowe's hardware stores sell lights that clamp anywhere for about $10 USD.  These will work - as mentioned, just make sure that the bulbs you buy are the same color temperature so you can dial that into your camera.  Some bulbs are daylight balanced, others are "cooler".


A quick google search found this one for $6




If you're shooting with fluorescent lights, you'll want to shoot at a faster shutter speed unless they are made specifically for photography.  Most fluorescent bulbs cycle at 120 cycles per second (1/120th of a second on your shutter speed) so if you have three lights, and your shutter is set incorrectly, your scene will not be lit correctly because on or two of the bulbs may appear to be turned off....when they are simply cycling on and off.

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