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Background and text colour

Charles Stirling

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Have you folks never been to a library? 99.8% of all books have black type on white paper. I just replaced my Kindle e-reader to get black on white. 


I think it may be due to differences in eyesight. I've often heard people say they find it more restful to read white on black, but it just makes my eyes go funny and is anything but restful (but orange or green on black, as in older monitors, is fine). When I was a magazine editor occasionally we would print a page in white on black and the subsequent comments from readers were about 50-50.


What's really needed is a configurable option, which is something that I always used to include in my software.



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I had been told that italics was harder to read, but didn't notice it until I got older.  Now I can verify that it is true.  White on black is the same--harder for old eyes.

Dick Janzig

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