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Deleted images taking precedence??

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I've noticed that the Alamy algorithm seems to keep returning images that I have deleted IN PREFERENCE to images that are in my two main pseudonyms.  I kind of understand that even though I have decided these photos shouldn't be sold, that Alamy still keeps them available for sale, and so e.g. a search for the Rijksmuseum might show 5 from my main pseudonym and 5 from the deleted images.  But some search terms return only images that I have deleted, and none from the ones that I have decided are better.  I can't believe that the algorithm can't be weighted towards those that I have chosen to sell and away from those that are awaiting deletion.  Anybody notice this and feel likewise aggrieved?  I'm still struggling to get my CTR rate up, its hovered around 26-28 for the last few months, and my sales, never much more than 3 a month,  have fallen, just 4 in the last 3 months so I really don't need superfluous/redundant images dragging my CTR, and therefore visibility, down.

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I am fully of the opinion that if we decide to delete an image for whatever reason that after Alamy's 6 month time limit they should be removed from their system COMPLETELY.





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OP isn't suggesting that some of his favoured images are unsearchable, just that they don't appear in some limited-page searches.

I was warned privately after suggesting removal of tags on the forum. Now I no longer suggest it. It's a technical breach of warranty in that you're not annotating images accurately. Probably s4.10.

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I wonder if setting the caption to "This image is pending deletion and hence has no tags" and then removing all the tags would be legitimate?

Maybe Alamy are worried that a customer may already have decided they like the image (but haven't put in in a Lightbox or written down the Alamy ref no) and Alamy want to make it easy for them to find it again. Or maybe Alamy want to ensure the image caption and tags remain available to the buyer for a reasonable period after they might have downloaded the image?



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Just for information regarding deleting and removing tags....


Quote from an email I was sent from Siobhan at Alamy


"As per the terms of your contract, images are available for sale for 180 days after they’ve been deleted. They’re only searchable for the first half of that (90 days). After that they won’t be visible but they’ll be available to customers who’ve already downloaded them.


We will only delete images immediately if there are legal issues, and as that is not the case, the images will be subject to the 180-day deletion period".


And this from Alamy


"Yes, you would be in breach of your contract by deleting all tags and captions as a 'quick way' to delete images. Please do not do this. 


If you have a large number of images that need removing and you don't want to locate them all in Alamy Image Manager, you can send an email to contributors@alamy.com with a list of image references and we can process this for you"


However this was slightly contradicted by another email from Siobhan


"When we say we can process the deletion for you, we would still put them on a 180 day deletion period, but we can action this at a database level rather than you having to go through and select all images. 

We would only delete them immediately in exceptional circumstances per my original email, so your reasoning wouldn’t qualify for this, and they will therefore be subject to our standard deletion period."


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20 hours ago, GS-Images said:

As for the newer images not appearing in results at all, you must simply not have correct tags in place, or you haven't waited for the overnight database update, or the update hasn't happened (it sometimes takes longer than a day).



Not newer images - these are similar or I have better ones for sale, that are returned in searches, that have the exact same captions and tags.  For instance yesterday a search term for "Bronte Home' returned 1 image from a batch I uploaded, and 3 from the very same batch, that are waiting for deletion.  I have 17 for sale, and 3 awaiting deletion.  Doesn't make sense, and further adds to my frustration that having spent a long time deleting a lot of images, they seem to have an odd bias towards them.  I don't think I'm imagining it...

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