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Nedd ID on Antique Car

Jill Morgan

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Have had this image for awhile but just uploaded it as I didn't get the year, make and model when I took the image.  I forgot the hood was up so you couldn't see the info on the screen.  All I can tell from the info is it is a 193- something and the model starts with an 'H'.  I've also included an image of the hood ornament close up.








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It's a Pontiac figure all right.

The chicken wire is a bit distracting.

1927-1930 all look about the same. No way of telling it's a 2 or 4 door sedan.

Don't you have a way to check a car by it's license plate?

The suspension is also not period, but modern. A sort of hot rod.



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56 minutes ago, LarsMadsen said:

As already identified it's described here as a 1930 Pontiac hot rod:




Well spotted!




edit: seeing it from the back, hdh was right all along: it is/has been a Big Six.

Or: 4-door 1930 Sedan, now a hot rod or street rod.

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