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Jessica Simpson sued for copyright infringement on pic of herself

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1 hour ago, Michael Ventura said:

Well just because it is of her doesn't mean she owns the photo.  I photograph people every week, for various purposes, and then sell the use rights to the very people I photographed.  Seems like a very clear violation of copyright.  


I quite agree.  If she had linked to the article, as opposed to posting the image, would she still have been in violation of copyright?  So many sites link to news articles using the image.


Of course, she had Photoshopped out the copyright info, which really does do her in.  Or at least the people who run her accounts.  Don't know if she herself did it, but she is responsible for the people who work for her.



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Being media experienced you would have thought she had some basic grasp on Copyright, but the idea of owning copyright in your own persona might seem reasonable to many. Wrong  of course! Similarly most people who own an original work of art would assume they own all aspects of it including copyright. Again, wrong but an understandable mistake. I once did a long commission seeking out and photographing Victorian architectural details such as tiling, letterboxes and coal chute covers. Got a whole lot of hassle and didn't find giving lessons on copyright constructive. 

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