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What is Your Favorite or Most Used Focal Length?

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2 hours ago, Betty LaRue said:

Each photographer has their own agenda, so what is important to me, may not be for someone else. I have seen the posts of those who love the D800. 

To me, it is a man’s camera, not so much a woman’s. I’m sure some women love it, but weight is an issue. At least for me.



Sorry to hear you had such a miserable time with the D800. My overall experience has been rather different. Though weight can be an issue compared to lighter cameras, I have been very happy with its overall performance and image quality. I combined it with both Nikkor and Carl Zeiss lenses and have been very impressed with the results. I did struggle with weight when I took it around Australia (from UK) for 2 months earlier this year, together with 4 lenses. But I had spent too much time behind a desk prior to that and wasn't in the best condition going out there. So lagging it all around in 40 degrees heat was tough.

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42 minutes ago, Michael_Jacobs said:


Thank you Betty for thorough explanation!


I can certainly appreciate what you are saying here Betty. I struggle to get close to large animals in the wild, never mind birds, with my current equipment. 


For example even this one is a significant crop on my D800 shooting at 200mm:


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1 hour ago, Rick Lewis said:


Me too!!  Sharpest, nicest rendering lens I've ever owned.  I do miss it.



It didn’t dawn on me to adapt it to Fuji, but since I am pretty much autofocus all the way, I would have been frustrated. A bee or butterfly would have been long gone before I manually focused on it. 

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