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Impact of Equipment Used on Acceptance

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As a new Alamy contributor, I have a number of questions and I am learning as I go so let me thank each and every person who responded to my first query about discoverability. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a solid consensus. One would think that it would be to everyone's advantage to be able to understand "the system."


Here's another conundrum. When I submitted my first sets of images, I got the distinct impression that several of my photos were declined because of the camera used to capture the image. In my book a good photo is a good photo whether or not the equipment was high end. I don't think that QC liked the fact that some of my shots were taken with a Canon PowerShot SX50 HS (bridge camera).


Listed in their FAQ/Guidelines is the following statement: "We only accept images from DSLRs or equivalent. We don’t accept images from mobile phones." 


Wouldn't it seem that if all other technical qualities were met, that a shot taken with a bridge camera would be acceptable? Once I submitted those taken with my Nikon D3300 and Fuji X-T2, my images were approved.


Have other contributors had similar experiences? Any thoughts?

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The Canon Powershot 50sx is a nice consumer level camera which has a principal selling point of having a zoom lens with a massive range. However, the sensor on which the image is created is tiny compared to any DSLR, and this compromises the quality of the final image. Compare closely the quality of the image created with your Nikon  (100% magnification) and you will clearly see the lack of definition in the 50SX . I have a Powershot 30SX, which is very similar and it is a fun camera to use and very versatile, but it has no place in my professional life. If you are going to contribute to a professional level agency you need to use the right equipment.

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Alamy has always required professional cameras. By that I don’t mean full frame or high mp cameras. You answered your own question by acknowledging what was accepted. And of course, what wasn’t.

While some Bridge cameras might make acceptable images, it’s rare. QC can’t be flooded with those images because they would have to look at each and every image to find any that were decent, when most aren’t. (If not all).

QC, once you have a good QC record, only checks a few images out of a submission. Alamy has to draw a line with acceptable cameras or it would make QCs lives miserable and it would slow down how quickly our uploads get approved. 


As Joseph mentioned, I hope you are checking your images at 100%, because if you aren’t, you will miss correctable imperfections and will fail even from your good cameras. It’s just a matter of time before noise, a dust bunny, or CA will get you.

I speak from experience. Been there, done that, have the tee shirt.


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