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  1. Hello Alamy forum members: Much to my surprise, I noticed today that one of my images sold. I tried to find out which image it was, but have had no luck. I click the dot on the graph and it seems to indicate it will download or load the image, but doesn't. Next I tried to download the Excel file with images sold, but only headings downloaded no actual data. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you one and all!
  2. As a new Alamy contributor, I have a number of questions and I am learning as I go so let me thank each and every person who responded to my first query about discoverability. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a solid consensus. One would think that it would be to everyone's advantage to be able to understand "the system." Here's another conundrum. When I submitted my first sets of images, I got the distinct impression that several of my photos were declined because of the camera used to capture the image. In my book a good photo is a good photo whether or not the equipment wa
  3. Maria, Thank you for you answer. How can you tell if a photo has a "zoom?" [ J. Ross ]
  4. I am trying to annotate and tag my first images on Alamy. I am new to this particular process so I have created a couple of screen shots to help explain my question. 1 - First is a picture of Olmsted Point, Yosemite NP 2 - Second are the Mandatory fields completed 3 - Lastly are the optional fields completed Here is the web link to a temporary page on my website: http://jbrish.com/temp-3/ My discoverability is stil in the orange and not optimal (as far as I can tell) yet I don't really understand what more I could add to improve the l
  5. I am new to Alamy and I am trying to learn my way around. I have a question I would like to ask about the discoverability settings for one of my images and I think my question would best be explained if I could attach a few screen shots. Is it possible to attach small jpg files? I see a link at the bottom of this form that says "insert other media," but I can't seem to get to a point where I can upload images for the explanation. Thank you for your responses. J. Ross
  6. I am new to Alamy although not to stock sites overall. I read somewhere that when super tags were introduced, they had a negative effect on some of the listings and that the algorithm needed to be tweaked. I am somewhat reluctant to declare super tags, but I am also concerned that this will affect the discoverability of my images. What advice/experiences have contributors had. Thank you for your time and consideration. Regards, J. Ross
  7. When metadata is requested, is it enough to send Alamy just the EXIF data such as that at the following URL/example: http://jbrish.com/temp-3/ Will this suffice as the metadata requested for first uploads? If not, what other information would be needed? After first uploads, should metadata continue to be used? Thank you for your consideration. Regards, JBRoss
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