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Quotes in searches

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I have probably missed some basic information somewhere, but can someone tell me what the purpose of quotes in searches is please? Some views in AoA uses quotes around a word or phrase. What difference does this make? And should quotes ever be used in keywording?

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Try it youself..


boy and girl

and then

Search for "boy and girl"


the first will return images where both boy or girl are in the keywords / caption, in whatever order (527,134)

the second will only return those images where  the words 'boy and girl' appear in that sequence (50,107)


the use of quotes by searchers helps to narrow down , considerably, the results returned



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2 hours ago, Sally said:

.... And should quotes ever be used in keywording?


Putting quotes round your image keyword phrases ought not to make any difference. Certainly, they do not show up in the display of keywords in Alamy Image Manger (though they may be retained in the internal part of the system you don't see).


However, when the new Alamy Image Manger was introduced last year many contributors found their phrases in legacy images had been spit into individual words during the changeover. This, for the most part, didn't happen to me because I had been in the habit of putting phrases in double quotes in the metadata of each image.


I use Lightroom to add keywords before I upload images and I still use double quotes to wrap keyword phrases. As I say, it ought not to make any difference, but I will continue to do it anyway as it requires minimal effort and may be helpful in the future.

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3 hours ago, Betty LaRue said:

I always used double quotes “ “ around my phrases but they ended up a total mess. They were split, and some ended up looking like this: dog”

Sometimes the quotes were stripped, sometimes not.



That happened to me too in a small number of cases, but the vast majority came in with phrases intact. I never investigated further as it was no longer relevant, but my thinking at the time was that the ones which came in with a " on the end of a single word were because I had inadvertently deleted a one quote out of a pair while still in Lightroom.

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Not the case for me, since I do all my tagging in Bridge. A comma before and after in Bridge kept my phrase intact after uploading, and after upload is when I added the quotes and put commas after each single tag instead of the spaces. That required extra time and was s pain, but it worked well. The commas worked in my favor after AIM, but the quotes and phrases were mangled.


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