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Newbie post - hello :)


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Hi everybody. 

I am Aleksandra living in Scotland. Wanted to give myself a bash in the Alamy business and see where this will lead. I love the Scottish landscape and my photos are mainly this. I have submitted a couple of images and still have to go through all my photos to choose the best ones. 

Happy to exchange ideas :)

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Wow wonderful images full of atmosphere. You do well handling the difficult lighting conditions you often find in the UK

Your captioning and keywording need work. But do not dispaire. It is not rocket science. Anybody can do it.

Try to put yourself in the brain of an imaginary client that does not know a lot about the subject matter. Keyword so they will find your image.

The location is not searched, so use the complete location in the caption and the keywords

Keyword complete. For instance Scotland is also in the UK and United Kingdom so add those two keywords as well as Scotland.

If you took the view from your campsite, only keyword “campsite” if it actually shows your campsite somewhere in the image. The tent, fire pit, etc. If the image shows up in a “campsite” search and there is no actual campsite, the client will pass it by and that will count against you in the search order.

Here is some general advice on keywording:


Here is another keyword tool. Type a keyword, set the number of images at 100, click submit and then select only images that look like the image you are keywording. Then click on submit again to get a list of keyword suggestions. Click on appropriate keywords that will then appear in the keyword list. Cut and paste the selected keywords into the metadata of your image


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