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Mushroom/Toadstool identification please

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Honey mushrooms growth, I believe, are connected to trees, roots, rotting matter, etc.  These being in the middle of rocks, in a driveway, make me suspicious whether they are honey fungus, honey mushroom.

its possible there are tree roots below the rocks, although I’m skeptical.


is it John (?) who would be the expert here?

The only reason I know what I do is that I uploaded some images of them this morning and researched them. :) Mine located in Oklahoma, next to the above ground roots of an ailing crabapple tree among a few rotting leaves and crabapple fruit.


ps...what I read is that they can be edible if cooked well. Not me, though!

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apparently the Honey Fungus is the world's biggest organism. If you've got it, you probably have a a great big one. It can easily infiltrate your entire garden and just pop up here and there. This doesn't look quite like my outbreak the other day, but fungi are notoriously hard to pin down as they grow in just a few hours and change shape considerably. I doused mine with bleach and boiling water but I know I haven't done for it. Then there's butt rot; I've got that too which meant a couple of trees came down and went up in smoke. And chaffer grubs........that's the lawn done for as well! People are usually very generous in their comments about our garden but have no idea what horrors lurk just below the surface

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