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Hi, new to the forum,

I have had a small number of photos on Alamy for a number of years but had to stop as life got in the way. I'm back now and trying to increase my portfolio. I have looked in the forum and on Alamy but I need a bit of clarification on a couple of points.

Firstly, as regarding street photography. In the UK I can take pictures of people/ property; without the need for a release form; as long as I'm in a public place. But Alamy ask for one even if it's just a part of a person or building/logo. Is this Alamy covering themselves for ' just in case' scenarios in countries other than the UK? 

Lastly, apart from Alamy's general list of needed images has anyone else tried to make a more definitive list? 

Thanks in anticipation.


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55 minutes ago, Atko said:

My wife wouldn't sign one - so much for family support :P

Neither would I, you never know what you'd end up promoting.

But in many cases, there would be no value in having a model release as there would often be some property in a 'public place' shot which would need a property release, or something recogniseable she was wearing/holding etc.

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Thanks for the information. As I walk with a stick chasing down all the people in the street to sign forms would be unworkable.

I might just upload them without releases and leave it up to the buyer (if any.) Of course I have to get past the QC.

Thanks again



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