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I had been offline for a few weeks.

I uploaded some images.  The images passed the QC and I started keywording.

I noticed that, in optional section,  there is now a tick box for 'Don't sell for Personal Use....' .

Does it mean that now I can opt out Personal Use 'image by image' basis even if I still subscribe to Distributor Sale?



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This has been discussed extensively on several Personal Use threads. I'd suggest searching the forums to see what's already been said by contributors as well as Alamy.

My take on it is that there's no clear answer. It seems to be up to each distributor and probably whether each one licenses images for Personal Use.

Some time back I opted out of the Eastern European distributors and all of my images now carry Personal Use restrictions. I haven't been getting a lot of distributor sales but I did have a couple from Germany and France.



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Thank fotDogue for the information.

Since my thread on Tuesday until your reply, as no one responded, so that I decided to ask MS.  The following is their answer.  Hope it provides a bit clearer information.


"Only the images you have restricted (by ticking Don't sell for Person use..... box in AIMwill be opted out of the distribution pool.

 All other images that are not restricted will still be included."



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3 hours ago, Kathy deWitt said:

I would like to see a tick box in attributes for Personal Use images so that I can see how many I have actually restricted. 


At the moment I have no idea of how many I have ticked or whether those ticked are affecting sales.



Filters> attributes>restricted images at the bottom of the dropdown.

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