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AIM Categories

Phil Robinson

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I don't know how important the category fields in the optional info are in searches - or are likely to become - but I do always try to apply them as best I can.

There are some obvious gaps though, and so I find it hard to categorise some of my images.



politics (I can't bring myself to tag Jacob Rees Mogg as 'entertainment and celebrities') 

history - not archive/historical (ie old) images, but pics with a historical subject

daily / everyday life


I know there are more, but I can't think of them at the moment. I'm sure others can. 


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IMHO the categories in AIM should match those shown on the Alamy homepage.  There are 56 of them, which is probably too many, but those in AIM should at least match a subset of those.  Also, a short description of each category would be useful so that its not left up to the interpretation of each contributor.



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