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  1. Thanks. I didn't realize it was a beta version. I will probably wait for the official update. Clarence
  2. Is the new version posted yet? When I download I still get version 1.0.6646. Clarence
  3. Updating Restrictions in AIM

    If you go to filters > attributes at the bottom you can find restricted images. It would nice to be able to filter further by the type of restriction ... Clarence
  4. If you open up the section called "keyword list" there is a box called "Filter Keywords"; thats the one to use. Clarence
  5. I haven't encountered this bug, but can you use the search box to go directly to the keyword you want to delete or at least shorten the list? Clarence
  6. Adobe's new LR "strategy"??

    This short video will help to answer some questions on the Adobe Lightroom strategy and which version might be best for different workflows. I'll be sticking with desktop version (Lightroom Classic CC.) Clarence
  7. AIM Categories

    IMHO the categories in AIM should match those shown on the Alamy homepage. There are 56 of them, which is probably too many, but those in AIM should at least match a subset of those. Also, a short description of each category would be useful so that its not left up to the interpretation of each contributor. Clarence
  8. In the export dialog box for the plugin there is a drop down field under upload settings called "Image Class", which is usually set to "Stock". I believe this needs to be changed to "News".
  9. Back in Feb I had an Alamy print sale for an image and thought there should be a corresponding personal use license. This is the response I received from CR: "You will not necessarily have a corresponding personal use license as the option for print is available when a customer purchases any license. In this case it is likely that the license purchased on 06/12/2016 for indoor display corresponds to the print license." So it seems that any license entitles the licensee to buy a print. It does beg the question of how opting-out of "personal use" will eliminate the print option... I did not ask at that time because, so far, I have chosen not to opt-out. Clarence
  10. For only those images licensed through a distributor, its the distributor's cut. Should be 40%. Then Alamy and the contributor split the remainder 50/50. Clarence
  11. Out of interest, did you check any of them when finding them through as a customer would see them? I just wondered if it might simply be a display issue in AIM or if the tag is fundamentally broken in the back-end system. When I encountered truncations, I check the buyer side and they were there as well.... Clarence
  12. oh my gosh, I realised that as well and thought that I was saving a misspelled keyword and as it happens so often I thought already something is wrong with my head I give up, I spend hours and hours those last days... Yes the same for me - initially (in November and December) I blamed myself. wim +1 I've seen the same issue (seems to be intermittent). Some multi-word tags, which are less than 30 characters are being truncated. In some cases, if I delete the tag and re-enter it, it looks OK when the editing is saved, but reappears after deselecting and reselecting the image. I could live with it if the truncation happened between words, but its happening in the middle of words. (Example, "US Capitol" gets truncated to "US Capi") I sent a note to CR with a screenshot illustrating the issue. Clarence
  13. Alamy Prints

    The print option showed up on my images for only a few days and is now gone. I'm OK with this as I hope we'll get a global opt-out option (like novel use, etc) vs having to use restrictions which may impact distribution sales.
  14. Quotation marks oddity

    I think when this happens it may mean you have either an extra quotation mark or missing quotation mark. Also, maybe a stray comma? I've experienced all these ...
  15. Changing User Name

    I believe when the image count is clicked in the forum, your forum name will be shown. If you want a link to all your images you can use the "Link to your images on Alamy" under "My Alamy".