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X-T2 and Camera Raw query

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I use LR6.8 (which I think comes with Camera Raw 9.8) and CS6 (Camera Raw 9.1.1). This version of Lightroom seems to work perfectly well with files from my new X-T2 (converted to DNGs using X-Transformer). However if I try to open them in Photoshop it seems to have trouble, not recognising some of the Lightroom corrections etc. It looks as though my Photoshop plugin of Camera Raw can't read the X-T2 profile. Does this mean I have to move over to CC in order to use Photoshop with this (and any future) camera?




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You can covert all your RAW images to DNG.  Adobe has a free converter for that.


I'm not positive, but there are no updates to CS6 without heading into the cloud.  But the converter should work for you if it simply isn't accepting your file format.



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Alex, I have the same camera, but I have CC.  I develop in LR then open into PS, but not into ACR. ACR basically does what LR does, so why do it twice? 

Choose PS to open into from LR and see if your edits remain. Since I'm on CC, I wouldn't know. Worth a try, though.

Of course, mine aren't DNG.  I have no idea what that wrinkle does.


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I thought that LR should flash up a warning when you try and open a raw file in PS with an older version of ACR. This warning will give you the option to render the file in LR before opening it in PS thus ensuring all newer features are included. Perhaps this has accidentally been suppressed? Try resetting all warning dialogues LR preferences (general tab) and see if the dialogue now comes up.


If that doesn't work you can always export as a tiff file then re-import into LR and/or open in PS.

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Thanks all - most of the time everything seems fine, but this morning I opened one file in CS6 and found that it opened not as a background layer but as Layer 0, with a huge amount of exaggerated perspective correction added. All I had done to the original dng in Lightroom was to apply a small amount of vertical correction. I can only think that CS6/Camera Raw was failing to read the Lightroom data, or possibly the Fuji profile

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