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Does anyone know if Alamy is actually using the categories assigned to photos yet? If you look at the categories Alamy is using for grouping photos http://www.alamy.com/category/default.asp  the list is not the same as the drop down list when assigning categories to individual photos. How then are Alamy able to group photos as shown in the link above?



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The one's you linked to I'm pretty sure are manually curated categories/lighboxes that gets pushed to clients on occasion and displayed on various pages.


The categories in AIM I don't think have any role as of yet, but probably will at some point in the future - a way to narrowing down the search probably.

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10 minutes ago, GS-Images said:

On that subject, I am often unclear what category to put photos in. I tend to put an awful lot under "Lifestyle" as that seems to fit a lot of my port, but it might not always be the right one to choose. I'm not sure what's classed as entertainment, still life, etc. either. Probably just my own thickness to be honest. :)


Yes, they are very subjective at times. Is that why there are two subject options?  Sometimes I find none of them are appropriate, so leave them blank, but most of images have at least one subject.

Something else to vex over!

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2 minutes ago, GS-Images said:


Maybe "lifestyle" might fit a lot of yours, as they do mine? i wonder if maybe we could have a new thread that's specifically for help with choosing categories. It might be obvious to some, but somehow to me it isn't always obvious. I suppose it's too late for Alamy to change them now to new suggestions, but maybe the description could be changed on a few so it's clearer for thickos like me?


An example is ones like this....



I have quite a lot of images like this that show people having a day out, enjoying family time, and stuff like that. I generally put them as "lifestyle" and if it's something like sunbathers or people in the sea I might put them in "weather and seasons" (as people do those things on hot days). I often wonder if images like the one above should be in "entertainment and celebrities", but I'm guessing that doesn't mean "fun day out" sort of entertainment, but more like a theatre or street musician sort of entertainment.




I would label that image as, "Large Mute swan giving family a ride.":D





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Would love to have the category "people". Heavy user of lifestyle, but a lot feels just like "people".


Think a more extensive list of categories and subsequent implementation of using those categories by Alamy (in the search) could really be of benefit to buyers and to minimise erroneous search results even further. 

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32 minutes ago, GS-Images said:


What I'm most annoyed about is that their isn't a category for cows. There should be several. Cows feeding, cows walking, cows mooing, cows dancing, cows playing cards.


It's a disgrace.


Geoff.   :unsure:



The cows aren't happy about it either.... :lol: ...


Local man in blue jacket walking his cow along road winding through fields,Dali,Yunnan Province,China. Stock Photo

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3 hours ago, arterra said:

How about this as a basis for categories?



  • ACE Arts, Culture and Entertainment 
  • CLJ Crime, Law and Justice 
  • DIS Disasters and Accidents
  • FIN Economy, Business and Finance
  • EDU Education
  • ENV Environmental Issues 
  • HTH Health 
  • HUM Human Interest, Animals and the Unusual
  • LAB Labour Social
  • LIF Lifestyle and Leisure 
  • POL Politics
  • REL Religion and Belief 
  • SCI Science and Technology
  • SOI Social Issues 
  • SPO Sport 
  • WAR Unrest, Conflicts and War 
  • WEA Weather 


Source : IPTC-NAA Subject Reference System Guidelines , version 3, November 2003





Which category would Landscapes and Cityscapes go in?




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14 minutes ago, arterra said:


HUM, LIF or ENV depending on the subject, or Alamy could add some special categories. Anyway, these are the categories I have to use for a press agency.





Press Agency - Ah that explains it - Personally I think we'd need some additional, more easily understood categories to be more for the broader market.


Nevertheless, it seems daft that the categories we're offered in AIM don't match those currently used by Alamy on the home page. The categories in AIM seem like a half finished list to me. It would also have been useful if we had been given some guidance of what is supposed to go in each category. Incomplete categories and no guidance risks Garbage in (to a database) and then garbage out (search results). Same as is happening with keywording which urgently needs some "policing" to get rid of the keyword spamming.


What are the chances that Alamy will revise the categories available in AIM and will hope we'll go back through our portfolio and update our selected categories accordingly? It'll be too late by then....


I think I'm going to stop selecting categories in the new AIM, until Alamy provide a search option that uses them - which hopefully will ensure the category list is more "finalised".



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