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  1. Greetings From Essex, UK

    Hi Andy, welcome from Southend.
  2. Survey

    It was largely positive, so I guess more of the same is required.
  3. Survey

    Is anyone else experiencing this? I have completed the survey twice now and still, I am repeatedly asked to take the survey. .
  4. Yes I think it must be the screen size, unable to see anything on my android phone.
  5. Another PU refund.

    Refunded after about two weeks, it was a packet of pills maybe they thought they were buying the tablets.
  6. What does "Instagram Style" actually mean?

    Ha ha ha ha. It like so sums it up, I mean like the whole social mania theme, like. Do you know what I mean man.
  7. color cast

    Yep and me.
  8. Tags & Supertags

    Me too, it seems almost any word in tags or description can be found. I guess you can prevent an irrelevant view, assuming the words need to be there in the first place
  9. What is Your Favorite or Most Used Focal Length?

    Most used this year Nikon 28-300, not a great lens but ideal for travelling. Other than that Sigma 105 macro, tends to be my favourite stock lens. After that 24-70, 70-200 and 50mm.
  10. Removing duplicate items

    Hi Dale In AIM, optional tab, bottom right there is a delete button, just click and away they go.
  11. Colour calibration

    I quite agree monitor calibration is a must.
  12. Do You Snap Christmas and the Holidays?

    Do you enjoy taking them? If so send 'em. Could just be that one image someone wants.
  13. Colour calibration

    For optimum results, you may need a profile from them as there are so many variables, printers, inks, papers etc. I am sure calibrating your screen will help - essential maybe. But without knowledge of their equipment, you could be struggling. The profile needs to be applied to your file then checked on your monitor before sending to Photobox. They should be able to send a profile to you.
  14. Why Alamy for generic RF?

    Just Googled 'brick wall background' 49,700,000, so lots of choice but can any of us be bothered to search all. Busy researchers go first to a safe reliable supplier and hope to find what they want, if not try the next option. The more choice there is here the better, more chance of offering our valued customers what they need. A one-stop shop.
  15. At last- a new QC star!

    Yea, well done. It's nasty that, white balance finger trouble.