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  1. What does "Instagram Style" actually mean?

    Ha ha ha ha. It like so sums it up, I mean like the whole social mania theme, like. Do you know what I mean man.
  2. DACs publication history

    It's not just me then, something different this year for sure. For some of us at any rate!!
  3. DACs publication history

    There is no contest from this end.
  4. DACs publication history

  5. DACs publication history

    Have we ever met? Seems I must have upset you in a previous encounter.
  6. DACs publication history

    What can I say, I think they were asking for ISBN etc and I could not find. Clearly too challenging for my little brain.
  7. DACs publication history

    I believe that I did, just as previous years.
  8. DACs publication history

    No probs. My bad grammar no doubt. Very vague, not enough information. Could not be bothered to chase any further, move on next challenge.
  9. DACs publication history

    That was the mail notifying me that my claim ( filed within time ) was not successful. It was past the deadline because that is when they notified me, so by that time it was too late to provide any further information.
  10. DACs publication history

    I did not claim after the deadline!
  11. DACs publication history

    If I recall the refusal mail stated it was now past the deadline, so no claim for this/that year.
  12. DACs publication history

    DACS refused my claim this year saying there is not enough information. I completed my claim in the same manner as previous years, so a little confused.
  13. DACs publication history

    That's correct and from my recollection, my claim was declined around October, I no longer have the e-mail.
  14. DACs publication history

    Yes, I am talking about 2017.
  15. DACs publication history

    I thought it ended in December.