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Caption and Tagging - using same words twice

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Hi all,


Just a quick question regarding the captioning of images and then the tagging and super tagging.


What is the general thing to do when looking to maximise the exposure of your images from captions and tag words? For example, when using 'The London Eye' in a caption is it acceptable to again use the same words as a tag or does the fact that The London Eye have those words in the title override you having them as tags? i.e does the Caption get an overall higher rank than tags?


I'd like to try and get a clear vision on how to go about captioning and tagging my images. I hope my quesion makes sense...


Thanks very much

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Yes, you should use it in the caption and again in the tags. If it's the subject of the image, make it a supertag. If it's just part of the background with a more important subject...say a shot of your child eating ice cream, and the London Eye is in the background, it could be a regular tag or a supertag. If it's fairly prominent, I'd still say supertag.

The general consensus is to put the most important tags used in the body and in the caption.


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Daniel, one of us is confused. I just opened two of your page one images. They both show what is clearly a mute swan. Yet the caption talks about people that we don't see, and neither the caption nor the tags mention a swan. What's going on here???

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Interesting scenario geogphotos, that is how I have always understood search engines to work but I'm not so upto speed with alamy of late as I had a big break from it so just trying to establish some key elements to address to my workflow.


I've already learnt not to tag in live news and address them after they are in general sales as this leads to alot of messing about as above...but that should be sorted now.


Betty has pretty much cleared up my question and I shall go with the advice given there.



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I think it's been filleted too. GS was in on it yesterday but he's obviously the man who knew too much so the feds have nobbled him.

Nowadays among other things I'm copying my caption and pasting it in. The usual commas split it nicely into (super)tags.

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