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  1. Cheers Geoff, I'll keep an eye no activity over the weekend then
  2. I hear you mate, same with my recent blooper with news images and since I started this thread most people are seeing the live news ones which aren;t anywhere near my best images, nevermind hopefully by tomorrow alot more of my stock will show through and represent my work better. The ones with no captions or any info were the ones where a guy is stretching his leg on a small fence, amongst the runner photos? Also an old guy on a bike. Just thought I'd make you aware if you didn't already know, that's all. Regards, Dan
  3. Thanks Geoff for the kind words! The kitesurfers as you say are very tricky as they are out in windy conditions, it needed the 300mm 2.8 for these to be tack sharp and a steady hand. I had a look through some of yours too very nice library you have. I did see some that had no caption or tags, not sure if you are aware of this?
  4. Thankyou for the reply! I will check back tomorrow then as things should have changed by then.
  5. Hi all, Having made a misstake on a live news upload the images are now in my main library for sale and I have edited the captions and tags in bulk, but they are still appearing in my library with the old information. How long does it take to filter through that I have made changes? Thanks
  6. Just for you Geoff (and potential buyers lol) I have uploaded some belted galloways for you into my gallery http://www.alamy.com/search/imageresults.aspx?&xstx=0&userid={ADB9D253-8C9D-41A4-8772-3F05932D7D19}&name=Daniel+James+Armishaw&st=12
  7. Interesting scenario geogphotos, that is how I have always understood search engines to work but I'm not so upto speed with alamy of late as I had a big break from it so just trying to establish some key elements to address to my workflow. I've already learnt not to tag in live news and address them after they are in general sales as this leads to alot of messing about as above...but that should be sorted now. Betty has pretty much cleared up my question and I shall go with the advice given there. Thanks
  8. Thanks Betty I understand now mucg appreciated Yes there are issues with a batch uploaded for, already been over this in another post and they are to be corrected. Thankyou
  9. Hi all, Just a quick question regarding the captioning of images and then the tagging and super tagging. What is the general thing to do when looking to maximise the exposure of your images from captions and tag words? For example, when using 'The London Eye' in a caption is it acceptable to again use the same words as a tag or does the fact that The London Eye have those words in the title override you having them as tags? i.e does the Caption get an overall higher rank than tags? I'd like to try and get a clear vision on how to go about captioning and tagging my images. I hope my quesion makes sense... Thanks very much
  10. Hi Pamela and welcome to Alamy! Good luck with your images and tagging, there's lots of great advice on here so like me try and absorb it all and you should be on the path to fun and success (hopefully) anyway
  11. Cheers I shall bare that in mind when tagging!
  12. Hi Geoff thanks for the reply! You hit the nail on the head I think. what I do its tag all for news in a rush and then realise they all then need revisiting afterwards when they hit the library sales. What I should do is save time and like you say tag them afterwards individually and save time effort and the risk of never going back to them to redit and having them not seen by potential buyers. Sorry about the cows although you have just given me an idea...we have some lovely belties by us grazing open heathland/shrub for the summer; they would look beautiful in my profile 😎 Thanks for the input again much appreciated indeed
  13. Thanks very much philippe I appreciate you taking the time to look through some of my images. I realise my misstake now as they were a batch news upload and think I applied the same tags etc to all from that shoot (wrong I know( and I will now go through and correct individually. Normal stock uploads I key in the info 1 by 1 but I must now learn to that on batch news uploads. Thanks again it's appreciated
  14. Thanks for the replies much appreciated. Yes I think I did fall foul of copying the same description as they were uploaded in a bath for news, I must address that and a rehaul of my current gallery will be first port of call. Yes Chasewater is currently a hive of activity with waterskiing wakeboarding and sailing, the investment has made a huge difference and I see some potential for photos there too. I use the lightroom for description and keywording of news uploads and I need to watch as it predictive text writes from previous inputs so I shall be sure to not become lazy and make sure each image that requires a different descriptuon rightly has it Thanks again and I look forward to spending more time here
  15. Hi all, Just wanted to say hello. I've been on alamy a good while now but only really started uploading this last 12 months. I am looking forward to pushing my work alot more in the editorial sector and will be utiising these forums for some well required help. I thought my kewording and titles were ok but I think they can be drastically improved somewhat. There appears to be some very knowledgeable photographers on hear and I look forward to getting to know some of you and hopefully learning from you guys too. Many thanks
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