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Uploading photos get split into multiple Alami ID's

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More of a minor annoyance than real problem but if I upload say 20 photos then end up with a split between a number of Alami IDs. This is both with FTP and Alamy upload. Before all the changes this was never happening.


I don't know if its my relatively slow upload speed from the ISP as I see a lot of Alamy server timeouts in the logs, if its some setting I have wrong, or if it is now just the norm. What are others seeing?

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Perfectly normal for any batch upload process from multiple users.  Images will be ID'd by the server in order of arrival (probably completed arrival but I'm not privy to Alamy's own procedures).  Because you may have a number of users uploading simultaneously the ID assignment may well not be in strict sequence for your own images. 

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I've had the same thing when I upload to Live News even though I l use a preset caption in Photoshop. It seems to happen more often if I use the button to add more images after uploading the first one that I want to appear at the top of the stack.

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