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Distribution/Novel Use/UK Newspaper Scheme

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Being relatively new to Alamy, I do not understand the intricacies of any of these (despite doing some research) and would value advice and opinions from those more familiar with Alamy. At present I am opted out of all of them and only opted into Image Options. 


Is there more information somewhere than the brief stuff that Alamy provides? What are the pros and cons of each of these?

For a new contributor, who isn't a professional photographer, these things are not necessarily obvious.

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The only official info I know of is here.


Distribution -- Worthwhile IME. At least 25% of my sales are thru distributors. Prices are generally low. But it all adds up and occasionally a good sale comes along.


Novel Use -- I opted out years ago due to absurdly low prices and questionable uses.


Newspaper scheme -- I avoided this option for years but decided to sign up last year. Have had only four sales so far, all low. You're based in the UK (for now, anyway), so you might have better luck

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Distribution - Alamy makes images available to affiliate agencies in various parts of the world. Photographers receive about a third of the total price but these are sales you might not otherwise make. You can opt-in to all of the distributing agencies or choose by country. According to the Alamy contract, images with Restrictions may not be available to distributors so it's something to keep in mind if you're placing restrictions on any images.


Novel Use is pretty much dead as far as I know.


Newspaper Scheme - Alamy makes photos available to newspapers in the UK at a reduced rate. It's not a lot of money but it can add up. I have a couple of images that have been used multiple times in the Guardian and the Sun over the past year. Because my images are Rights Managed I'm paid for each use.



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1 hour ago, Avpics said:

I had one a few weeks ago as a wrap for a van. A $XXX value, so worth considering


Interesting to hear that. Congratulations. My Novel Use sales amounted to bubblegum money, and some looked suspiciously like editorial uses.

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