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I would like to submit to live news but I only have Nikon viewnx-2 and looking at the test image sent I can't figure out where headlines and captions go in the iptc thingy as everything looks different.

As you might gather I am quite new to all of this.

Any help would be most appreciated and thanks in anticipation.


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You need to be approved by the Live News team before you can submit images.

Which programme do you use for editing? You usually need to populate the required data in the File Info field. 

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13 minutes ago, Janet said:

That's brilliant but does it have to go in a peticular box as it appears that there are two

Just add keywords/ tags, description, title, copyright and creator i.e. yourname

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Hi Janet, I don't know pixlr but Photomechanic is widely used for news type images and is inexpensive, you won't regret using it as it is fast and really makes the work stream much easier when ie. LR or other software is just too slow for that use and speed is usually essential. Basic cropping/editing only, but easy iptc population and works well with Filezilla and other services. I've never really bothered adding copyright/author as Alamy does that automatically in the caption, but I guess it does no harm. Caption and headline are essential (and are easily mixed up when it's a bit hectic and you are sitting somewhere on a rainy, cold pavement with your laptop getting wet. I'm sure Alamy curse us all for not triple checking, understandably.  :D )

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