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Photographer's file name not there

Phil Robinson

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When you search in IM under 'filters' the results come up with the Alamy image number AND the photographer's file name for that image.

When in 'search', however, only the Alamy number comes up. The photographer's file name is nowhere to be seen.

I am frequently wanting to find one of my Alamy images in my own files - either to produce a better quality image to replace the existing one or for some other use - and it is very hard and EXTREMELY frustrating, not having my file name available with all the other information.

If it is shown in one kind of search, surely there is some way to show it under the other kind of search. It would make life so much easier.

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22 hours ago, Phil Robinson said:

So it is - well spotted.


Hi Phil,


We included this update in the batch of changes released in April, details here.


We appreciate it would be easier if it appeared below the image after the search, but the search function has to run off a different database to the main image view and there are technical obstacles in the way that stop us from displaying the refs in the same way under the thumbnails.


This is on a list of things we want to try and fix though so hopefully we can release a solution soon.





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5 minutes ago, geogphotos said:


Thanks John, I am aware of that but what I meant was if somebody finds a pic on my website it would be handy if they could use the same file-name to locate it and buy it on Alamy. I don't remember the reason why this facility was removed. I can't see that anything is actually gained by not allowing searches using contributor's file name but no doubt there are good reasons.




Hi Ian,


We turned this off as it often led to inaccurate results due to filenames not corresponding to the images. One solution is to add your filename to the tags which should then be searchable as a normal search term.





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