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Anyone else experiencing slow uploads?

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Uploaded a few images yesterday morning with the IM uploader.  1st few sent normally but the last few sloowed waay down but completed without problem.


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Thanks everyone - my internet connection seems to be working really well so I'm unsure what might be causing this. I'll have a go tomorrow very early in the morning, perhaps the traffic into the site will be less heavy.

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On June 6 I sent the following message to Alamy: 

Today using FileZilla I uploaded 150 photographic  images to a European agency in 60 minutes, or about 0.4 minutes per image.

 Then I immediately started uploading the same images to Alamy using the Upload function.  This took three hours and 13 minutes, or about 1.28 minutes per image.  This ties up the computer an excessive amount of time.

 Is there some way to increase the upload speed to Alamy?


Alamy replied: 

If you are uploading large batches of images we would suggest you do so via FTP and not through the online uploader.

 I don't know if 150 images qualifies as "a large batch".  I haven't yet tried the FTP uploader but I will the next time and will be interested to see if there is any notable difference.

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Hi Everyone, It's been a little while since I had uploaded any images to Alamy. I am a bit bewildered why my large jpegs take so long to upload. something like 30 minutes per image. has anyone else experienced such a long upload time? I'm trying to upload just 4 images?

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