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Profile warning in Alamy sizechecker

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Hello Chaps


I've just installed the above software and it appears to throw up the above warning for all my images. I have even got it to look at my four test photos, which were passed by Alamy, and it still gives the same message.

It says that the embedded profile is sRGB v1.31 (Canon) - Canon Inc.

I am using a Canon 40D


I can't find any help in the software or on the Alamy site.


Any ideas about this? I'm just a bit nervous about uploading anything for it to get regected.



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Just for clarification - the "AlamySizeChecker" software is 100% third party and not supported officially by Alamy in any way.


Our upload tool will check the size of your images at the point of upload to determine suitability.

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You need to change to AdobeRGB then the checker will pass the images. It only does this as the industry standard is Adobe RGB.

Of course you can leave the images as sRGB if you wish, as some others do.




PS you can change the colour gamut in the menu on your camera.



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Thanks for the replies all.


To Alamy Admin, I understand that it's 3rd party, but it is quite useful to batch check a folder of images. I only have a canon 40D at the moment, so any cropping could make the images borderline.


To Allan, I'm not wasn't 100% certain which colour profile to use. I understood that sRGB was best for digital presentations i.e. web images and AdobeRGB was better for Publishing into magazines. Is there anywhere where advises of which profile to submit?


And to Phil. No, "above warning" was referring to the title of the post. :)



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