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Best settings for Sony RX100 MkIII?

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Was offered £170 for my (well used) RX10 today from WeX as a part EX on an RX100 series model.

I don't want to hijack the thread but would appreciate opinions on whether to go RX100MK 111 or higher, ie is there enough spec difference to justify the price hike?


I can only speak for the Mk 1 and Mk3.  The are both good and do everything I need.  I do find big improvement in IQ with the Mk3 over the Mk1 version.



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Thanks Wim, John et al, I will probably go with the mk3 due to budget constraints (sales have bombed) and hope to increase my volume with the shots I missed whilst not carrying my DSLR around.

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Anyone know if it is possible to fit a filter to the lens on the Sony RX100 M3? My previously owned Cybershot cameras did not accommodate.

BW, John


The Mk3 has a digital ND filter built in. It is in the menu somewhere.




Cheers Allan - was approaching from the angle of protection rather than picture effects but useful to know nonetheless. :-)




Ahh! Right!


I think that putting a protective filter over the RX100 lens is just adding more refractive surfaces for little gain as far as protection goes.


It would also be further forward of the lens increasing possibility of flare.


The only thing I would go with for increased lens protection is a lens hood of some kind. At least it protects from sideways contact if not directly from the front.




Cheers Allan.

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