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Hi Guys


A little problem here...

My Alamy measures shows "total zooms" of 52, before I was able to see which images were zoomed under "My Images" (Pseudonym Summary) ... Now it does not show.

I know I have to wait a little for servers to update, and I did (4 days now).  Still nothing

Any Ideas?

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I don't see "total zooms" anywhere.


In Alamy Measures, click "Your Images".  The default date range is one month.

Under "Your Zooms" click the number (52? that's a lot of zooms for one month).

Thumbnails of all 52 images will come up.

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Total zooms is shown under "your images" and is determined by the date range you input. The default is, as stated, 1 month

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Yes, but "Total Zooms for XYZ" does not show a hot link to the actual zooms.  To get that you need to click the hot link number under the "Your Zooms" column.

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