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Found 9 results

  1. Can't find how to delete post - any help? I've noticed that Alamy measures shows total views for me as 423, but when I click to my(Your) images it only shows 223. I left it a couple of days to see if it would update, but no change (except total views increased by one). Is this normal? I had thought this could be down to a photographer with same name, but seems unlikely after a search. Not a big concern, just wondering.
  2. Hi, Newbie question: I was looking at Alamy Measures, All of Alamy info to get an idea of what types of images are heavily searched. For the last month or so, "dog," "london," and "black panther" are at the top of their list (this is the list for ALL ALAMY, not just mine, as I have not even uploaded any photos yet.) But the Sales column for each of these shows as 0. And all the other keywords have (what seems to me) ridiculously low sales given the apparently vibrant ecosystem that is Alamy. What am I missing here? Thanks.
  3. Period : 01 Feb 2017 to 17 Feb 2018 Total views for Fahd Khan: 31 Total zooms for Fahd Khan: 0 Total CTR for Fahd Khan: 0 Average CTR for Fahd Khan: 0 Top performing pseudonym: FAHD KHAN(CTR: 0.00) Last month average CTR on Alamy: 0.55 Please can some one put light on CTR 0.55
  4. Hi Guys A little problem here... My Alamy measures shows "total zooms" of 52, before I was able to see which images were zoomed under "My Images" (Pseudonym Summary) ... Now it does not show. I know I have to wait a little for servers to update, and I did (4 days now). Still nothing Any Ideas?
  5. I was browsing through yesterday's Alamy Measures, looking through searches that brought low views, hoping maybe to see something I could capture. I come across the search for "windmill". Alamy measures says there were 2 views. Now I know there have to be more that 2 images of windmills. So I click on the search term and up come 93,000 images of windmills. Why did it only say 2 views in Alamy Measures? And for "windmills" there were 101. I see the search term for "court" and it says 14. Click on the search terms and there are 354,000 images with the word "court" in them. Why di
  6. Armstrong

    Alamy Measures

    Please could 'in the Last Year' be added as an option to the search options in Customer Activity. Both All of Alamy and My Images. In the dropdown box that starts with 'Yesterday' there are plenty of other options (i.e Last month) but not 'Last Year' Also could we have a link direct to the Portfolio in My Alamy rather than clicking through the 'Link to My Images' pages. Thanks EDIT: See reply 3 below for clarification.
  7. Get the inside view on the most searched terms across 2014. Read more...
  8. Been on Alamy a long time now, but I still get frustrated when Alamy Measures gets stuck and refuses to update, like today!
  9. I have a question on understanding the AlamyMeasures 2.1: My Images. I currently have 853 images online according to AlamyMeasures, from 12-May-2013 to 10-Jun-2013, I've had 0 sales, 948 views, and 1 zoom, giving a CTR of 0,11% Now, my questions: What can I deduct from these numbers? 1. That I have waaaay too little images online (working on that one) 2. That my images are badly keyworded? and don't appear in searches too often? 3. That my images are well keyworded, but that they don't appeal to buyers? 4. Whatever more info you can give me ;-) Thanks in advance!
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