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Commas now being imported?

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Search engine still seems to be fairly naff - in the last few days I have uploaded 3 images with the word "Hermanus" in the keywords. 2 have it in the caption, the esskey field and the Main key field, and one has it in the caption and main only. 


The one without it in the Esskey field appears first in searches.


No real incentive to keyword at the moment


Zooms significantly down both on month on month and also c/w same time last year  :(




I am finding something similar - it makes no sense at all.  My views and zooms are down for December.


No real incentive to do any uploading or keywording at the moment.



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A batch of images that I uploaded last night has just passed QC, and I was surprised to see in 'Manage your images' that the commas separating my keywords have been left intact. In the past, commas have always been stripped. Is anyone else noticing this change? Did I miss something in one of the discussions of this topic?


P.S. I use Photo Mechanic to do keywording.

YAY! I hope that really does mean I won't have to add them again

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