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To submit or not, that is the question

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Whether t'is nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outragous quality control
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles

And opposing end them


Seems to fit quite well on this Sunday morning

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QC is not the justice system, if you fail you will not incur in a criminal record that will ruin your life. 


Then if it does you delete your account and submit your images elsewhere. 


If you are afraid of QC then we can say that QC is in control of your artistic self.


I have gotten in trouble here with many red arrows already trying to tell people that QC is not their father almighty in heavens and that failing it cannot be the end of the world. 


I hope I won't get another collection but gee, don't be afraid of QC!

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I think you are too new here, Alessandra, to have seen members who have a good sales record here and who make wonderful images go through periods of time when they have had repeated failures and not been informed for 30 days of each of the failures. That is Alamy's way of making us pay attention but sometimes people are stalled for a period of time. None of us has knowledge of how important income from Alamy is for members and their families. If you can afford to be blocked from Alamy repeatedly good for you. I am disturbed when you seem to think you know how the rest of us will react or should react. No red arrows from me since I object to them but if I was a user of arrows you would, indeed, get another one.



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In my words, don't presume to impose your QC attitude on others here. We all have the right to react to a QC failure however we desire.

I don't tell you how to react if a mouse runs up your leg, but I reserve the right to have a bit of hysterics if that's how it hits me and no one should tell me I reacted wrong to the mouse.

I've been here on Alamy for a number of years, but recently have begun working extra hard to increase my image total with the best I can do. A QC failure stops the addition for a month. Anything I shoot will still be uploaded when the time is up, but meanwhile, I might have missed getting something relevant on sale for a holiday or whatever.

A photographer who takes this business seriously, cares.

A hobbyist...maybe not.

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