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  1. There's a firmware update available, links posted below for PC and MAC. I updated mine and it got rid of an error message I had which happened after the flash got wet. Haven't switched the flash on in case it reverts to flashing up the error message. I didn't really expect it to clear the issue but it did. :-) https://www.sony.co.uk/electronics/support/compact-cameras-dscrx-series/dsc-rx100m3/downloads/00014490 https://www.sony.co.uk/electronics/support/compact-cameras-dscrx-series/dsc-rx100m3/downloads/00014491
  2. The MK111 was all I was using towards the end of last year and I've stopped uploading now and entering the realm of the fully retired. I used the evf almost all of the time, in fact all of the time outdoors. Only used the back screen for the occasional video and indoor stuff. One annoying thing is if you close the viewfinder the camera shuts down. The flash got wet and stopped working but it seems sony repair UK are as bad as a bad thing on a bad day and are expensive (See my thread Anyone used sony repair in the UK). So it will retire with me in it's current state.
  3. I'm going to live with it or now. 1947 was a vintage year ;-)
  4. No I'm not that one, I worked a lot in wildlife/conservation for the love of the planet . I made money shooting working freelance in any field that paid. If you google David Lawson WWF images a lot of my old stuff comes up and it's still used. I also shot for NSP, both these agencies no longer around. I'm not giving up snapping for fun just don't need the hassle of a business. I'm three score years and ten this year and have only settled in a place of my own. last year. Been a nomad for a long time;-) Thanks to the other guys who got back you've confirmed my suspicions. Any one want a ch
  5. I've got a Sony RX100 mkiii and the top got wet and the flash longer works, rest of the camera is fine apart from the annoying small error message. My thinking is the cost of repair will be prohibitive so I may try to sell it in it's current state, it has a franiec grip and filter holder on it so it could be worth a bit as it is. I'm packing up photography as old age and health are getting the better of me. Anyone an idea of Sony's charging
  6. Wondering how the IQ is with regards to Alamy Quality Control
  7. Today the 10th. Picture of an Australian/New Zealand fungi that's made it's way to Dartmoor in the UK
  8. Whether t'is nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outragous quality control Or to take arms against a sea of troubles And opposing end them Seems to fit quite well on this Sunday morning
  9. Here's to a high flying future for you on Alamy
  10. Good submission. Not surprised though Warwickshire produces the best. Did I mention where I originated from;-) Welcome aboard
  11. Sad news. His was one of the first sites I dipped into when I first moved to digital
  12. Latest I've seen says these will now be available at the end of the year. My interest in one of these is waning and I'm looking at the new panasonic GX85, which seems to have overcome the shutter shock issue with it's newly designed shutter. Twin lens kit with 12-32 and 35-100 lenses is currently quoted as £729, which will innevitably drop. David
  13. My 26th batch got through today, so I'm presuming the backlog is clearing
  14. I'm waiting on a 26th March submission, maybe it's a pre easter glitch. Anyway I'm in good company and whatever happens, happens.
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