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How do you get to view your own images?

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Or . . . you can take a quick look by clicking on the blue number next to where you see "Images:" on your forum post. In fact you can see anyone's collection by clicking on their blue number.  :)

Thanks Ed, but as only an occasional poster, that takes too long to find one of my own posts ;)


On your My Alamy Page scroll down to Link to Your Images on Alamy and follow the link there.

By which you mean embed a link in my webpage? I may do that once I have rebuilt my commercial website 

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In my view the presentation of images in "My Alamy Homepage" is good for some purposes - mostly due to the search function among your images - I am not totally in favour of the thumbnails - the size and number of them on each page.


The presentation of your searched collection (or the link below your profile image) is good for other purposes. as are lightboxes.

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