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I want to say hallo to the community. I Hope that Alamy, will be a great "adventure" full of satisfactions and positive experiences.

What a great surprise also, yesterday before midnight I submitted my first batch with the four file to pass the QC test; wow this afternoon 

the team emailed me the answer, this is really somethings that I can define quick. Best of all, test passed, so I completed the submission with keyword etc.

Thanks to the Alamy team and the community.


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Welcome Alberto

Nice to see that you also have some interest in plants. By the way your image FTHC9B has Asteraceae a superfluous insertion at the beginning of caption, it is a member of Liliaceae as rightly indicated subsequently. 

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Hi, thank you very much.

Gurcharan thank you for pointing my mistake and I appreciate a lot your help. I'm interested in nature and flower but I'm not a big expert. I'll try to avoid mistake it is also a matter of respect for the potential customers, no need of wrong keywords. 


Davey thank you, I'm sure that will be a great experience.


Thank you Broad Norfolk for the nice words. I'm try to keep some diversity; also I'm aware that in my portfolio I need a lot of more different pictures. I'm not new with agency but in the last two and half years I was busy in other things. Being new in Alamy I want to learn the most, at the moment I prefer to upload small batch to understand  at my best how to do a good job with keywords, alias, and varying the subject. Also I'm trying to figure what can sell well in Alamy, I think that with the right dose of humility, I can learn a lot and improve with time, and I'm sure that the community is a good place to "discuss" (if it is the right word). I know that to see the first results you need time, a good  and more big portfolio; the good thing is that I'm generally patient so I'll work with enthusiasm. 

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