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  1. Forum is fine, at least people that keep alive the community suggest improvements help other and newbie can have a little reward for their effort. E-mail maybe can be used for more specific needs, when you know that someone has the access to the specific needs, just as an example the geographical advantage to live near where events, news, place of your interest are.
  2. Today in my last batch I forgot to fill the caption in a pictures. The AIM showed with the red stripe an the correct write Not on sale, so theoretically the system works. It's a random error. Just a thought... is the caption count word in the AIM zero? I fill the caption and keyword fields before to upload, maybe in LR or whatever is the software you use, if you hit the space bar while the cursor is in this field you don't see any word but then the system recognize that is not empty..
  3. I'm waiting for some "real world" impressions about AF. I saw a lot of reviews and it seems really good but I trust the most the users opinions, the early review in the www and magazine are too often at least generous. I hope that the X-T2 will be as it seems in regards of AF and lag in the viewfinder, then I'll buy one in some months when the prices drops a little bit. I love my XT-10, compact, outstanding lens, and yes I set the camera RAW+Jpeg but it's incredible how good are the jpeg. So I'm curious to listen some words from the users next weeks now that the camera finally is delivered.
  4. Thank you Phil, I'm digging silkypix free and developer pro. I'll consider the advice about sharpening. I need to understand more how all these, new for me, softwares work the files and any suggestions is appreciated.
  5. I was really busy these past days, so an update. I tried some softwares to figure my future workflow-, at the moment nothing write on the stone but I'm leaning toward some software. First, what I tried: Photo Mechanic, Photo Supreme, Media Pro, Darktable, Iridient and Silkypix developer. All have pros and cons and in some months I'll try maybe Capture One. Naturally in so limited time I can report only impression to really know the software it takes times so all that I writing can be wrong for others. MediaPro I really cant work the interface and found it cumbersome specially in keywording. Slow. Photo Supreme on par with Mediapro, interesting as idea but not so easy (at least for me), to use. Again slow in keywording worst happened to freeze more than once. PhotoMechanic, fast, really fast not born for managing catalog but fit my workflow and I'm impressed. Approved. Specially for some of the next editorial event will be a "must" for ingest and prepare quickly the images. The learning curve is really "smooth" respect Mediapro and Photo Supreme. Develop. There I'll take some more time, I'm sure that whatever in the end will be my choice I'll be happy. Both Iridient and Sylkypix work really well and I'm pleased with the final images. At the present time I'm leaning toward Iridient that seems a little bit more linear in the workflow and also a little bit more fast. In the end some quick words about darktable. I remembered this software because I tried at its early day on linux, run on mac and linux and it surprised me, really more step forward are made. I think that work really well with RAF files and is more near as concept to LR as all in one solution and need more study. I'll keep in my mac to develop sometimes the files.
  6. Honestly I bought the x-t10 for the same reason; it's a really good camera and I saved some money for the next T2 if the specs will be as all expect. Maybe will be my next gift for Christmas....
  7. Thank you Betty, I'm sure I'll get a way to work this only "issue". Some good lens in your arsenal!
  8. Thank you Martin, I'll try PhotoMechanic some years ago I heard of it, but then I missing it and so I need to re-read a lot. I aware that LR is not the best tool to keyword but all depend how deep I'll use the keyword and if there are other function that are good to manage the library. As wrote I'll study; the change is an opportunity to learn new things. Ah, and thanks also for Iridient this is a new name so I can try it too. Martin your blog was really helpful, your articles (and naturally others) convinced me that fuji is a good choice for MR. At the time I'm really happy.
  9. Hello I need some advice by fujifilm users. "Alea jacta est" I bought finally the X-T10, now after a week of use I need some advice. I'm happy because finally I can stay more time with the camera, like others I noticed that the reflex was more and more at home because too heavy and too much "visible" in some contest. The MR is less noticeable and above all light. At the moment in my bag there are the 18-135 and the 35 f2 and they meet my expectations, with time other lenses will be added. I was surprised by how good are the jpeg, but I also prefer the RAW that allow more fine tunes and as proof of originality and property of the pics. So are we are, at the moment I shoot RAW + Jpeg fine and is a must at the moment because I have some trouble with the converter. I work with LR 5.7.1 and the software don't read the X-T10 RAF, only chance to do this is an upgrade to LR 6. It's not something I really want at the moment, and by the way subscription is not for me. Now the only alternative that I know are Silkypix and Capture one. The first is something really hard to understand how to do a really effective workflow, I played with the trial version, but is all but "ergonomic". The good thing is that despite the fact that I find it tough, the images are pretty good. As workaround I tried to use the dng converter and then import the files in LR. Never seen something so bad. The are awful, CA, poor colors, at least all need some work only to achieve a sufficient result. In the end Capture one is the solution for the future. In the meantime I need some suggestions, there are other good converter that I don't know. There are some good resource/tutorial about silkypix to use the software until I'll be ready to get Capture one? And finally... keyword; there is a tool to import the LR keyword in Capture? Thank you for your patience and hope someone can help me.
  10. I don't know synctoy I saw briefly a page about it. For what I understand Synctoy don't support schedules so you can use it how you want. You backup the folders when you want. The advantage is that it has three option. Synchronize you have a carbon copy destination folder. Echo. Update in one direction. If you change or delete a file in your original folder the same happen in the destination, not viceversa as in synchronize. Contribute. Same as echo with the difference that if you delete a file in your original folder synctoy don't delete this/these file/s in the destination; is an option to avoid wrong deletion. As I said I don't know this specific program but as general rule usually the pc is not slowed down, only warning, Expect a long first run. Every program the first time you launch a backup must check all the files in the folder and then copy. This depend on the data you have to save can require a lot of time, but then is all really fast.
  11. Usually software dedicated have more option. Probably the most important is that they made incremental back-up. You can set the time and when must done. So you can set the software to make a back up every day at midnight every day or once a week or hourly and so on. Naturally you can start the backup when you want in example if you have new images and want to have on fly a copy backed. The feature more important is incremental back up the software copy only the new files or the modified files. For example you have in your folder file a, b, and c. you add in the folder file d. When the backup software start scan the folder find the file d and copy only this file to the destination doing nothing to the other files both in original folder and in destination. This is only the basic function, but to answer you, Mark and John I think that these tool can check if the files are modified. If in your folder you have file a b and c and you rework file b the software notice the change and backup the new version. Try to think when you have 20000 photos if you modify ten pictures you must remember which are to save it or you are at risk to have an outdated backup. Last usually the software creates some hashtag to control the integrity of the files. If you want to save only, say, the raw probably you can copy manually, but when you start to have jpeg tiff more than a version like a color and a b&w photos a software that do the job is more efficient. You can run the program when you want but also you can schedule when it must run and avoid the laziness; sometimes happen to delay the back up only to find that then is too late...
  12. I think that Geoff is right. It happened to me with a batch. I began to keyword the images in the late evening all but five appeared in the site the next day. Nothing to worry, in fact the last five were keyworded a little bit after the others, i got a pause, saved the changes and closed the keywording window. After, say half an hour I keyworded the last five, probably these were not picked by the engine because meantime it had already passed so were put in the next queque for the update.
  13. Welcome To Alamy from another fresh member!
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