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Spam Words in the forum. Bug?

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Hello, I'm new in the forum, and I struggled quite a lot with automatic spam words in the forum.


I was receiving error selating to Spam Word XXX, where XXX was a numer, the last 3 numbers of the current year 20 16. I can't write it togheter otherwise it's considered spam.


Same for another number, now I don't  remember which one.


The problem is that being a new user I was trying to understand what could be the spam word I was using.

First I tried to count the words. In example SPam word 017, and I was looking for the 17th word and trying to delete it. But it didn't work.


Then I though it was a numerical reference to a list somewhere in the regulation, but I didn't find any reference of it.


Then I lost over one hour cutting and pasting just portions of my message to understand what was the problem.


In the end I had the illumination that spam word XXX, the XXX was actually a number, and was consider to be spam itself!

I have to say that's a quite srange and confusing behaviour, and I guess it's a bug, because I don't see any reason to block some specific numbers, in particular if we are speaking about the current year!

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Never had any problems, myself.  Sounds a bit bizarre to me.


Post your problem in this forum, so that Alamy are sure to read it.


EDIT: along with Mark Dunn, I can also write pretty much anything this year, 2016, last year, 2015 and very likely next year (God willing), 2017.

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