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  1. US © Office ePilot program

    Hello, I'm trying to register online a group of published photos with the experimental online registration. Since it's my first time, I was told to call the 202-707-8202 to speak with a VA specialist and to activate the (non-standard) online registration procedure. I've called already 5 times and every time there is a registered disc saying to leave my contact data to be called back. Over 3 weeks passed since the first time I phoned and nobody called me back. Is this normal? Should I wait longer or insist on calling and first or later some humans will answer? If you know, what's a standard waiting time to be called back? Thank you and have a nice day
  2. US © Office ePilot program

    That's quite confusing for me, could you elaborate a little? I wasn't aware of any character-limit, I haven't read about it anywhere. To my knowledge it is possible to write a list with each single filename and published date on a separate file. 1) Also I have a doubt: for the published date, is there a standard timezone to refer to? I'm uploading my photos from Italy, and when here it's 3a.m., in the USA it would be still the previous day. The same problem would be present also within the USA, if I upload the photos at 00:30 a.m. in the East coast, in the west coast it would still be a day earlier. 2) And a last question is about special characters. My Surname include an "à". Would that be accepted, or should I better write " a' " with apostroph? I often do that also on Italian documents, since some softwares don't recognize "à". It might look like silly, but knowing that in case of a lawsuit the infringer wil try to render my registration not valid, that's quite important. EDIT: I found something pertinent, but I'm not sure if it relates to my case, since it's referred to Customs It states that
  3. This is my understanding so far after having read more on the subject. I think it's quite accurate, but take it as my opinion only, of course no legal value. 1) Generally not possible to mix published and unpublished 2) Not recommandable, better to first publish all the photos 3) Are one time per collection, but not one time per group. SO if it was a group registration (not a collection) then more statuatory damages can be obtained 4) REferring to grouup registration (not collection) It is possible to register photos taken in different years as published, by pubishing them on the same year 5) yes 6) yes 7) yes it's possible
  4. US Copyright Office eCO system

    That's exactely what I want to do, but in my case not because I "need" to do it, but because I "want" to do it, in order to pay just one group registration fee for thousands of photos (there is no limit if the continuation form is not used). Could you confirm that I could technically register my photos as published already the day after I upload the publicly online? I also opened a specific topic here Thank you
  5. Us Copyrights: registering images as published the folowing day?

    According to the official compendium 3rd revision, 1116.6(A)(4) Interpreting this passage, since it states the possibility of registering published images before 3 months passed (in this case it is actually given as a condition), I suppose the answer to my question is yes, I can register my photos as published already the day after I upload them online. Since I'm not mother tongue, if anybody has a different interpretation, please let me know.
  6. Us Copyrights: registering images as published the folowing day?

    DO you have a contact of the COpyright hotline? It would be helpful to call them. Is it maybe this? (202) 287-8700 For the 750 images limit, as far as I know it's only if you use the "continuation form", but not if you attach a name list. Here an official position on that. It's from 2005, so I don't know if it might have changed in the meanwhile If you upload them online with a file including each name and published date in the same calendar year, then it should be no limit to my understanding And also this Referring to published images:
  7. Us Copyrights: registering images as published the folowing day?

    From where you have this information? I've read a lot in the last months, and I've never found any limit for the first registration. Could you link to the source so that I can have a look? Thank you
  8. Us Copyrights: registering images as published the folowing day?

    I'm not speaking specifically in this case about images that were licensed. I'm referring to any image considered as published, pretty much anything that becomes publicly available online without a password: photos published on blogs, social networks, etc. While I know that the best practice is to register the photos max every 3 months, this doesn't work for somebody that has never done registration before, since I first need to regularize all my past work spending as little as possible.
  9. Hello, some weeks ago I opened a topic about Copyright registration in the US with several questions, but now I would like to focus in particular in one of them, since that's what is still keeping me from starting the work. I can register images as unpublished within three months of publication. But what if I want to register them as published within those three months, is it possible? In example, today I upload them online to make them published, and tomorrow I do the registration, can I register them as published, or should I wait for 3 months to pass? I would like to use this trick to publish all my unpublished photos at once and pay just one group registration fee for several thousands photos. The original topic with more questions can be found here
  10. The limit as far as I got, is only for published images and only if you use the "Continuation form", used to add details of each photos, as in example published date. But If you attach a file with the filenames and published dates, then you don't need the continuation form, and you can register unlimeted published images from the same year-author. That's what I got, but was asking for confirmation to more knowledable people.
  11. Yes, that's what I mean, registration with the US Library of Congress, accessible online from here I'm aware it relates only to infringements in the US and I already select cases according to their commercial infolvement: no profit, blogs and "un-sue-able" countries, I just ask for a credit and a link; Small businesses, the equivalent of a standard license for web usage; Bigger businesses according to the usage they do and the country where they used it (In example in Sweden and Usa I asked more than in Italy or in Brazil or Poland) Yes I'm. aware of it I've actually studied quite a lot of regulations and blogs and whatever was needed. It's just those very specific questions that are not answered, or answered, but not confirmed. I wanted to know if anybody had any more details from their personal experience.
  12. Bug with Spam Words, new user

    I've originally posted the message here but as suggested I paste it also here, in order to give visibility to the matter
  13. Spam Words in the forum. Bug?

    That's weird. I don't knwo if it's because I'm a new user of the forum, and I might have extra restrictions.
  14. Theft and nonpayment of images

    Hello, I've read your suggestions and found them useful. I opened a new topic about copyright registration. Maybe any of you is able to answer some of my questions? Thank you, Davide
  15. Spam Words in the forum. Bug?

    Hello, I'm new in the forum, and I struggled quite a lot with automatic spam words in the forum. I was receiving error selating to Spam Word XXX, where XXX was a numer, the last 3 numbers of the current year 20 16. I can't write it togheter otherwise it's considered spam. Same for another number, now I don't remember which one. The problem is that being a new user I was trying to understand what could be the spam word I was using. First I tried to count the words. In example SPam word 017, and I was looking for the 17th word and trying to delete it. But it didn't work. Then I though it was a numerical reference to a list somewhere in the regulation, but I didn't find any reference of it. Then I lost over one hour cutting and pasting just portions of my message to understand what was the problem. In the end I had the illumination that spam word XXX, the XXX was actually a number, and was consider to be spam itself! I have to say that's a quite srange and confusing behaviour, and I guess it's a bug, because I don't see any reason to block some specific numbers, in particular if we are speaking about the current year!