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Found 6 results

  1. Just got 2 private messages from an "iBang" not sure what they want though EDIT They are supposed to be a 15 year old Indonesian boy with no images on sale asking how to post on here Anyone else getting the same PM?
  2. losdemas

    Spam User

    Alamy, I received a 'personal' message via the forum from a 'user' with no posts. It looked very spammy and a quick search of the Internet confirms this. Please remove the account and tighten things up accordingly. Thanks.
  3. Hello, I'm new in the forum, and I struggled quite a lot with automatic spam words in the forum. I was receiving error selating to Spam Word XXX, where XXX was a numer, the last 3 numbers of the current year 20 16. I can't write it togheter otherwise it's considered spam. Same for another number, now I don't remember which one. The problem is that being a new user I was trying to understand what could be the spam word I was using. First I tried to count the words. In example SPam word 017, and I was looking for the 17th word and trying to delete it. But it didn't work. Then I
  4. I've originally posted the message here http://discussion.alamy.com/index.php?/topic/5303-spam-words-in-the-forum-bug but as suggested I paste it also here, in order to give visibility to the matter
  5. To prevent spammers getting acess to the forum, Alamy should only permit contributors with images in their portfolio (e.g photographers), to use it. Anyone with no images should be barred from joining. If necessary, Alamy could also set a 'minimum number' of images, say 50, before the forum becomes available. below this number, contributors should be aloud to read to forum, but not contribute to it. I am not trying to exclude people,I'm just trying to propose a resonable way to exclude spammers from disrupting it.
  6. We have a number of measures in place to fight the attack of daily spam we get but despite all of them, occasional posts still make it onto the board. For that reason we now have a new rule where your first post on the forum must be approved by a moderator before it goes live. This will be for your first post only - after that you are free to post as normal. This means that for new sign-ups, there might be a slight delay in seeing your post live, especially over weekends where our moderating cover will be limited. Many thanks. Alamy
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