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A $ 9.99 Powerpoint use (still € 14.99 this side) - what do you think?

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Here's an example of the low priced Powerpoint use; what do you think?
It's about this image:

The sale: $ 9.99 (on our side of the pond it still shows € 14.99, which equals $16.44 at the moment)
Country: Worldwide
Usage: Commercial electronic, Use in slides/materials to support a presentation or talk - such as Powerpoint or Keynote.
Media: Commercial presentation, single design
Start: 18 January 2016
End: 18 January 2021


And it was used on this nice website here at a size just a bit bigger than a postage stamp. (Scroll down a bit.)


What do you think?


1 - it's an unreported usage; the client will report the extended use and because it's advertisement I'll get a nice paycheck.

2 - it is indeed an unreported usage and indeed it has been used by an ad firm in a Powerpoint presentation to pitch a web page design to a client.

     The client now has the site and will pay Alamy or the ad firm will pay and I will receive that nice paycheck.

3 - Someone in LA thinks that this Abingdon Oxford and even that NY office are very far away and that bargain bin was the first click and just looked about right. And nothing will ever come from it.

4 - Something else: ...............



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3.  - Call me cynical :mellow:
The Wayback Machine reports a website design change after September 2015 (the old site was very basic): from January 10th 2016 the old linked image files were no longer available, hence the text-only display on that date (the most recent available).
The web designer only lists the logo as design credit on his site, yet the client retains his web design credit in the footer on their page.


The new site is WordPress based, in which the web designer proclaims proficiency: "I use WordPress as the basis for every site. You will love it.".


I'd be questioning the sale with MS.

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I had not thought of using the Wayback Machine for this. Always useful!

So it has been in the air from 2006 on. Good to know it's not some 1 man 1 cart operation. I had noticed the Ice cream from the same firm.


I did look up some of the other images.


The female chef is on Alamy: ENA8A0 by Roy Free, who on
Dreeamstime and 123RF is called Carlo Dapino;
carlodapino on CanStock;  
photoCD on Fotolia and
csp_carlodapino on Fotosearch.
Where his chef is also present in different forms, but also the exact same image as on Alamy, so it could be from a different agency.

The churros vendor stand is CFFM59 by Francoise de Valera, who on
Dreamstime is Françoise De Valera James
and has the exact same image there.

The couple with churros is on Shutterstock; Fotosearch; Dreamstime and Fotolia.
Focus Pocus LTD or Marcos Mesa Sam Wordley

The churros on the coffee cup (actually hot chocolate) is on Dreamstime, Canstockphoto, depositphotos and possibly Zoonar by  joannawnuk or Sierpniowka. Who is on Alamy, but not with this image.

The vendor looking through his cart is on Getty


Beats watching tv. ;-)



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I would recommend that if you are going to do anything about this you take care as any public comment by you can prejudice your position. Not hard to find on the Alamy forum either!


I'd report to MS and let them get on with it... Keep a copy (screen shots etc.) of the page in case there are any shenanigans. 

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