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Alamy Sales -Strange Behaviour. . .

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Lately I've noticed that they show up in "View your sales history" before they show up in "View your account balance", but I don't care, as long as they show up.


I have one of those. I e-mailed MS about it today.



And, of course, let's not forget the look-ahead trick on the Net Revenue page under "Build a downloadable sales report."  They always show up there first.


or do they.....



Bill, in the interests of restoring the natural order of things, I thought that I would give you a brief update. Member services was good enough to get back to me with a very detailed reply complete with screen grabs of their records. It looks as if the rogue sale is showing up in "net revenue" / "date of invoice" on their end, but not on mine, which leads me to believe that there is a glitch in the system that Alamy is not aware of. Either that or I'm losing it. To be continued...



UPDATE OF UPDATE: This particular problem seems to have been resolved. The Nov. 17th sale has suddenly started showing up in my sales report. I'm not sure that the nice person whom I corresponded with at member services ever did figure out what the heck I was talking about, so the issue may have resolved itself. Am now happy to report that universal order has been restored. The fridge door shall remain closed for the time being.

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I seem to recall that this topic cropped up in the dim and distant past (maybe on the old forum) and the answer was that you may be accessing different servers at different times and that the info wasn't yet in sync between the two.


Then again it may be 'false memory syndrome'.....  :unsure:

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