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Have you got any interesting photo assignments on the horizon?

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...If so, let us know.


We're looking for Alamy photographers with interesting photo assignments coming up in the next 3-6 months to feature on the Alamy website. We want to share all the details of your shoot to give fellow photographers some insight in to how you create your stock images. If you have anything in the pipeline you would like to share please let us know.





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Video footage of European wildlife throughout the seasons. Am only missing the winter shots. So that'll be my assignment for the following months. But unfortunately you only accept footage of specialist agencies  :(





That's not the case. If you have at least 250 high quality clips to supply, you can be accepted. 




Now - back on track to our original post please! :)



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Just out of your time window, but my wife, Ernita, who also contributes here, and I will be doing a three week photo trip of East Java in June. We'll be focusing on areas away from the big city and how local earn a living. (Barely)


Coffee, tea, pineapple and cinnamon farmers.

Sulfur carrier

Coastal workers. (Fisherman and boat builders.)


Of course, we'll also have the day to day life we see. 


I lived in Indonesia for several years. Once you leave the main tourist destinations and cities, it's an amazing place with friendly people. 



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