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  1. James, It would be really nice to know what these exciting plans might be and how they would encourage us contributors to continue to support Alamy? I've been with you for 18 years and all I've seen is the royalty split for contributors erode and now sales for pennies are the norm. Please give us some encouragement to continue to supply you rather than pushing us to supply multiple agencies or work with agencies offering better terms and higher fees.
  2. Sadly I think we are a long way from Alamy giving two hoots about the contributors anymore. It's now about shareholders and dividends. We'd all probably earn more by selling our photographic equipment and the cost of doing stock shoots and investing it in PA shares instead :)
  3. Seems like Alamy are flogging a lot of very low priced images if this forum is anything to go by. I've had 16 in Dec. It must run in hundreds of images maybe thousands across their contributors. Surely this can't be a sustainable business model for Alamy. It's certainly not sustainable as a photographer.
  4. Quite a lot of them are also shareholders of PA ... and PA now owns Alamy.
  5. Quite a lot of them are also shareholders of PA ... and PA now owns Alamy.
  6. Yeah, I get the syndication part .. but it says 'National' not international ... Me too .. and I'll be opting out as soon as it's possible. International syndication for 'in perpetuity' doesn't sound like a Novel Use to me.
  7. Will do ... I just found 5p in the street today and realised that is probably more than I have earnt from a syndicated, model rerleased photo with the current royalty split!
  8. Just had a few low ball sales drop in but one in particular worries me as I can find it in multiple articles around the globe .. but the sales detail says this:- Country: United Kingdom Usage: Editorial, Use in syndicated editorial news features, single context only. Includes archive rights in-perpetuity. Media: Newspaper - national Print run: Unlimited Insert: more than 25 Placement: National Image Size: up to full area Start: 16 December 2021 Duration: In perpetuity Firstly the Independant UK, then the Portugal News, Your Life Choices, Australia, plus
  9. Could never figure out how to do it! That is such a simple solution .. thanks so much for sharing that
  10. If you look online there are downloadable model release forms that don't have that section anymore... or just leave it blank or put in 'TFP' (time for prints) assuming you have given copies of the image to the model for their portfolio etc.
  11. Would be nice to hear what Alamy say about a $0 sale .. I hope it's an error.
  12. 15 sales .. started off ok .. then it felt like I'd been forgotten ..
  13. Logging in seems to have gone pear shaped. It is impossible from an older ipad and takes several attempts to get to the contributor dashboard on a mac running latest OS. I've used both safari and firefox as browsers ... hope the info helps the Alamy coders!
  14. Totally agree. It's now possible to create precision luminosity masks and use luminosity blending in Lightroom and ACR really quickly rather than having to do it in Photoshop. Well worth taking a few minutes to play around with it. It's quite a huge leap forward for ACR & Lightroom.
  15. Totally agree. I have seen some good, well produced stock shoots with great models but are shot in countries where the costs to produce are far lower than the UK and the US (or much of Europe for that matter). Then distributed across almost all agencies. Sort of stack it high, sell it cheap mentality. As you rightly say, the highly creative stock shoots with the best talent are few and far between now .. and it shows ....
  16. I think you have hit the nail on the head. No longer can I afford to hire in models for stock shoots. As you rightly say there are some brilliant diverse models available but are way out of the price range for stock shoots. The drop in commission and the ever decreasing sales prices are the main reason for not being able to shoot these images for Alamy. Kind of a chicken and egg situation.
  17. Ok ... my kettle went bang this morning so to be able to buy a new cheap one with my royalty split on these sales I'd need Alamy to sell another 223 at this price. Please get selling as I want a warm cuppa
  18. Had exactly the same today .. $0.18 and it's in perpetuity too!! I know it will be a bulk sale but please Alamy as suppliers we can't make a living wage from this kind of sale. Our images must be worth more than this surely?
  19. Thanks for that .. really useful to know. Yes there is quite a price difference for esentially the same spec. Cheers.
  20. I just wondered if anyone out there is using a Nikon Z fc for street / stock shots? I've probably already got more cameras and lenses than anyone really needs (a couple of D850s, Df etc, mainly for my commercial work) but I was thinking of something much smaller for those days where I don't want to lug a load of kit around with me or I'm just popping to the shops but don't want to miss a stock photo opportunity :) Would love to hear if anyone has any 'real world' experience of this camera.
  21. These days I doub't there is very much difference. If you just want an 'auto' conversion then I'd try both and see which one works best for you and your own colour preferences etc. With a little bit of tweaking both will be capable of very similar results. The latest ACR / Lightroom is now as good as Capture One (but then I'm using Nikon so it might be different for Sony). They all have their pros and cons .. go with what works best for you and your workflow, any differences are so slight.
  22. I'm not sure but I doubt that they will as some tools and functions are simply unavailable in the free version that they use in the Pro version.
  23. Totally agree .. I have no idea why Alamy ditched the idea of keeping those of us supplying exclusive content with some kind of incentive (50% seemed fair, especially as many of us started out at 70% back in the day as they say). To make up the shortfall in commission the obvious choice is to put our content with other outlets, not something I ever wanted to do. Maybe Alamy might rethink it one day ..... (I can dream!).
  24. I use Capture One Pro for Nikon and have been using their software for many years .. I use it mainly for my commercial tethered studio work as it is very stable and has a lot of features that clients quite like (overlays, page mock up etc), however I still prefer to use Lightroom and Photoshop for everything else. I think Lightroom has recently caught up with C1 and with a little bit of tweaking can give comparable raw conversions. Lightroom is probably a little easier to learn too. Hope my ramblings help!
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