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  1. I hope Member Services can help by making it easy and quick to mark them as exclusive .... otherwise I'm going to have a very boring Christmas ticking the 'exclusive' box over & over .... At least it seems Alamy were listening.
  2. Totally agree. I urge Alamy to re-think this rapidly. Alamy want greather than 2% growth achieved by cutting their suppliers royalties by 20% ... The 'tier 1' agencies have a slightly lower royalty rate but a far higher return per image with increased sales volume. There are other 'fairer' ways to achieve a similar result. One already mentioned is a staggered royalty rate 40% for £x of sales and 50% for £x etc ... surely this would encourage your contributors to supply quality images that will sell ... All this has done is alienate your contributors who will now be l
  3. December sport and fitness photoshoot in my London studio (Hackney Wick). Two models, male and female. Hair & makep + styling all booked. Currently storyboarding it to get the maximum number of saleable images from the day.
  4. a. Yes I do pay models for shoots (although it is nowhere as much as it used to be due to the low returns). The only way is to have a well planned 'story board' of images, plus props and styling also need to be planned and shoot hundreds of frames (actually, thousands!) b. Not anymore! c. Yes, I bought a Mazda Bongo for travelling specifically for doing shoots it also doubles up as a location vehicle for my commissioned fashion work ... I somehow doubt that it will ever pay for itself but it is early days as yet (I did sell one image this month that goes half way to paying 6 months road tax)
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