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  1. I hope Member Services can help by making it easy and quick to mark them as exclusive .... otherwise I'm going to have a very boring Christmas ticking the 'exclusive' box over & over .... At least it seems Alamy were listening.
  2. Totally agree. I urge Alamy to re-think this rapidly. Alamy want greather than 2% growth achieved by cutting their suppliers royalties by 20% ... The 'tier 1' agencies have a slightly lower royalty rate but a far higher return per image with increased sales volume. There are other 'fairer' ways to achieve a similar result. One already mentioned is a staggered royalty rate 40% for £x of sales and 50% for £x etc ... surely this would encourage your contributors to supply quality images that will sell ... All this has done is alienate your contributors who will now be looking at all the alternatives out there and no doubt supplying your direct competitors. I know there are some very disgruntled 'big names' .. can Alamy really afford to lose the respect and possibly the collections of these photographers?
  3. December sport and fitness photoshoot in my London studio (Hackney Wick). Two models, male and female. Hair & makep + styling all booked. Currently storyboarding it to get the maximum number of saleable images from the day.
  4. a. Yes I do pay models for shoots (although it is nowhere as much as it used to be due to the low returns). The only way is to have a well planned 'story board' of images, plus props and styling also need to be planned and shoot hundreds of frames (actually, thousands!) b. Not anymore! c. Yes, I bought a Mazda Bongo for travelling specifically for doing shoots it also doubles up as a location vehicle for my commissioned fashion work ... I somehow doubt that it will ever pay for itself but it is early days as yet (I did sell one image this month that goes half way to paying 6 months road tax). d. Yes, I sometimes do wait .. but can guarantee that the best shot is 5 mins after I have packed up and driving away! Sadly the diminishing returns on stock photography make it very hard to justify the expense to 'produce' images anymore. Even with multiple agencies I don't think it will ever make a sustainable / living income on it's own anymore.
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