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Congrats to Terrance and Esther Klassen on their feature in the Winnipeg Free Press

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Thanks, Ed, for posting about the interesting article about Terrance & Esther Klassen. They're clearly doing lots right if their photos cover cost of those vacations, despite falling usage license prices.


edited to add: while reading entire article, I did note they submit to various select agencies, which is part of what they're doing right :)

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I think you need to read deeper into the article as to where they are submitting. It is not just Alamy alone. I highly suspect that the New York agency happens to be G3tty, which would account for hefty sales somewhere along the line.


The Barcelona one is I know and have reports from others that it ain't great returns wise. I'm also there but I still think it's too early to tell. As for the other two, no idea.


This game is not a one trick pony. It is worth having images in a variety of places to maximize income!


Edit: Oh, and it's not just a numbers game. It is numbers PLUS quality that will set you apart from the rest. 

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Thanks Ed,


To me that most interesting part of the story was about how sales (should be licenses) fees have dropped.

I've heard exactly the same thing from other full time stock photographers and even though I am not a full

time stock photographer myself, I've seen it first hand.  On a happier note, I've also seen the fees raising a

bit in the last year.

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