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I've had a Tamron SP AF Di 90mm macro lens for about 6 years and during that time it's produced some brilliant images (on a Canon 5D mk II).


However, yesterday, it came up with an error message; "Err1communications between the camera and lens is faulty. Clean the lens contacts"


I did as I was told but the error keeps coming up.


Anybody had any experience with this sort of thing or will I have to have the lens repaired/replaced?



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Keep in mind that I use F mount (Nikon) and I did have that happen with one Tamron SP, old SP AF 20-40 f2.7-3.5. 

With mine the chip in the lens needed to be replaced and the lens had to go back to Tamron for repair.  Tamron used

to have 24hr repair for an extra $25.00.  You will need to call or contact Tamron to find out if they will still repair that

lens.  In 2013 Tamron told me they would not repair the 20-40 again?.



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Got that once on a Canon 24-105L lens. Had to be sent for repair, needed a new iris. :(


Funnily enough, I had to have the iris replaced on my Canon 24-105L lens too!


I just couldn't adjust the aperture without a horrible grating sound, so I didn't need an error message on that one, I knew something was wrong!


It took it to Lehman Brothers and they replaced the iris for £156. That was worth it for a lens costing about a £1000 but I think I would be better putting the money towards another lens if it need repairing.



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I think all 24-105 owners will eventually have to get it fixed.


Mine was a fixed price repair from Canon (£102) 


It was stuck at f/4  Handy as I was shooting a wedding after the holiday it decided to stop working on!

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