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Lightroom / ACR Trick

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This link describes a nice little trick to give your images some pop. It talks about Lightroom but works for ACR too.




I've searched the Alamy fora and couldn't find anything posted previously so apologies if I've missed it.

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Similar to recent thread concerning optimum (or otherwise) presets etc, short-cut "techniques" such as this (and there are a host of similar others that have been around for donkeys' years) only "work" on certain types of images--this one for example you wouldn't dream of using in a fit if realistic skin tones are important to you.


For me, I much prefer aiming to get the best result from my camera (especially re: skin tones) with accurate white-balance and exposure and non-automated post-processing (other than some occasional minor batch processing of images taken under the exact same conditions). It means I can't process a thousand images a minute, but hey, not everyone subscribes to the "close enough for jazz" philosophy :-)



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