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Liam Bunce

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These new photo agency names sound like bottom feeders.

Who owns these companies? Do they have any experience? Do they care about photographers?


What's next for agency stupid names? littleboboosphotoagency?


The worst thing you can do is pick agencies at random or be suckered in by a new agencies email.

Be careful.A lot of places could trap your work into a contract or abuse your rights.


Really do homework on these new companies.Many don't even last a year.



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Yes picmoo is a portfolio sit, I am at the moment with Clikpic but looking to go elsewhere. as i had received an email from picmoo touting for business i were wondering if anyone has any info about them. I have seen the other thread regarding websites, just curious about picmoo.


Linda must be thinking that i am leaving Alamy which is not the case

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My self-developed website uses Photoshelter to host the images (and fulfillment but I have not really done anything there) but it is expensive and I increasingly feel that they are targetting hobby photographers (Lattice for example). I could host it entirely myself but I would probably have to drop online sales (not a loss in practice) and I would have to manage all the watermarking, gallery structures etc myself. That would increase the maintence overhead but would give me control.


I notice one or two well established photographers here and elsewhere, like Linda and KM, do not seem to provide online sales through their web sites. So perhaps it is not as essential as we tend to think. If I were just selling prints it would be simpler and I could integrate with one of the print houses for that.

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