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Hi all


Has anyone else received one of the following emails or aready doing business with this company, if so your thoughts please.




Dear Photographers,


I am writing to enquire as to whether you would be able to help us with our continuing efforts to expand our regional range of calendars. As you may remember we contacted you at a similar time last year about testing the market with several smaller print runs and received a very positive response from the majority of our submitting photographers. I hope we can receive the same response this year with our new title list.


We are looking for images of the immediate locations on the list to include things such as town halls, parks, buildings of interest, landmarks, rivers etc. Each calendar will be a short slim format and will contain 12 images in total including the cover image. Due to the format of the calendars both portrait and landscape images could work. Image credit will be given on the back of the calendars and we are looking at a deadline of 21st June.


Due to these titles being local calendars and very small print runs of 40-100 copies, we have to use a digital printing process, which is costly and in turn means we are unable to offer our usual calendar rates. In this instance we would only be able to offer contributors £8 per image used and 3 free copies of the calendar. We understand that this fee is very low in contrast to our usual rates. During this early stage of promoting these titles we currently produce them at a loss but hope to increase their popularity in the future. Payment will be made in December 2013 as per our usual terms and conditions.


If you feel that you would like to contribute to these calendars please submit your images as follows;


  • Full size, high resolution only (240-300 dpi)
  • Tiff or Jpeg format
  • Un-cropped
  • Fully captioned


We would prefer images to be sent via www.wetransfer.com which is an easy, quick and hassle free transfer website, as this will help to speed up our tight production times. If however you would prefer to send your images via post please do so to the following address:


Jenny Hussey
Carousel Calendars
Exe Box
Matford Park Road


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For the biggest Calendar company in the country at first glance the offer is derisory (I suppose it is by any measure) but then you see that their run is expected to be 40-100 and it brings it into perspective.

Compared with 2 million run for $6 from an Alamy newspaper scheme image it actually looks OK...!@X*!!!!


They are a big company selling millions of calendars. If the images are already to hand you have little to lose and for beginners on the forum an identifiable publication to put your name on. You might also get a foot in the door to the departments handling their more lucrative products.  For many the price is just plain silly and they will not demean themselves - if you were a young photographer starting out you might view it differently......

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As David says they are a major player. They also buy from Alamy. They used one of mine so I know what Alamy get from them for a 20 000 run calendar. Given that you're not sharing the £8 with an agency  I'd say that wasn't a bad price for a 100 print run. You wouldn't have to sell too many  to earn as much as for the larger run. Their "more lucrative" products are not much more luctrative.


..sad but true.


I'm a little concerned about uploading full size via a third party.

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well, there might be a few who think the exposure worth the effort and think positively about better offers in the future (?!) but full size high resolution before final selection is nonsense. BEWARE! I hear alarm bells.

I have been working with this company for many years and see NO reason to beware.  Whether you think the return is worth the effort is another matter.



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I have also worked with this company for a number of years, and they have been excellent to work with and are fully trustworthy.  I received the same e-mail as the OP, and apparently at present this project is not profitable. The £8 rate is better than the sub £3 that I have received for newspaper web use.  It wouldn't be worth making any effort to take suitable photos, but if one had suitable pics on file it could be worth submitting them.

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